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Cardiac Rehab Program - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY
ECP Therapy - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY
Heart Healthy Nutrition - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY
stress Management - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY

Alternative Heart Treatment in Buffalo, NY

If You Are Looking for a Way to Enhance Your Blood Circulation and Vascular Health as Well as Protect and Strengthen Your Heart Call Sterling Heart Care at (716) 221-6097 to See if Our Services Are Right for You. We Are Conveniently Located at 4330 Maple Rd. Buffalo, NY 14226.

Sterling Heart: A Whole Person Approach to Heart Disease

Heart disease is often oversimplified as an acute problem like a blockage or faulty valve. However, heart disease is most often a chronic and systemic problem that progresses overtime and affects all areas of the body. With this in mind, Sterling Heart takes a whole person approach to helping patients manage their heart disease. At Sterling Heart, we address the root causes of heart disease through our cardiac rehabilitation, prescription exercise, personalized nutrition, and Heart Flow Therapy (ECP) programs.

Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is the first of its kind in New York State. Our program sets itself apart by incorporating both prescription exercise sessions and lifestyle modification sessions. Patients participating in our cardiac rehab receive 36 office visits where they follow their Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) that guides them through clinical exercise sessions and hands on education sessions focusing on regular physical activity, heart healthy nutrition, and stress management.

Prescription Exercise

Everyone understands that regular exercise is vital to health. However, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to develop an appropriate exercise plan and routine. At Sterling Heart, our Exercise Physiologists are experienced in designing and implementing safe and effective individual exercise plans for patients with heart disease. Contact us today about scheduling an Exercise Prescription consult.

Personalized Nutrition

It’s no secret that nutrition and dietary habits play a key role in heart health. At Sterling Heart, our Registered Dietitians are experienced in working with a wide range of patients dealing with heart disease. If you or a loved one are seeking guidance on a nutrition plan that is beneficial to heart health, we offer one on one consults and individualized nutrition planning.

Mind – Body Connection

Often an afterthought in cardiovascular care, stress can become a major risk factor for heart disease if left unchecked. At Sterling Heart, our health coaches and mental health counselors are equipped to teach patients about the effects of stress on health and how to manage stress using evidence based techniques.

Heart Flow Therapy (ECP)

Sterling Heart is proud to be the only provider of our state of the art Heart Flow Therapy (ECP). Heart Flow Therapy (ECP), often referred to as ECP or EECP therapy, is a completely noninvasive treatment that increases circulation to the heart muscle. Heart Flow Therapy (ECP) works in rhythm with your heart to reach optimal blood flow and reduce the strain on your heart muscle.

Benefits of Heart Flow (ECP) Therapy

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