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Heart Flow (ECP) FAQ’s in Buffalo, NY

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Heart Flow (ECP) FAQ’s in Buffalo, NY
Heart Flow (ECP) FAQ’s in Buffalo, NY

Are you in need of Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in Buffalo, NY area? Problems with your cardiovascular system, usually caused by heart disease, can significantly affect the quality of life and what activities you can participate in. While bypass surgery and stents are often the solutions presented to patients, there is another alternative heart therapy available: ECP Therapy, short for External Counter Pulsation Therapy. It can improve your symptoms and is a long-lasting solution to treating conditions limiting your quality of life.

ECP Therapy can also be used for healthy people looking to enhance or bring their cardiovascular system back to the level of efficiency they are used to. For example, if an injury or illness has prevented you from exercising for several months, your cardiovascular system will need to be rebuilt as much as your muscles do. ECP Therapy helps to build that strength, allowing you to improve it even when you are resting.

What are some things ECP Therapy can treat?

ECP Therapy can treat angina (pain in the chest, shoulder, or neck), dyspnea (shortness of breath), and general fatigue brought on by your body not being able to get the blood it needs to function. ECP Therapy will improve your circulatory system so your body can keep up.

How does ECP Therapy provide cardiac rehabilitation?

ECP Therapy works in rhythm with your heart and promotes your body to heal itself using its natural mechanisms. It improves your cardiovascular system ability to move your blood, providing your body the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function. ECP therapy activates a backup network of blood vessels to improve circulation.

If you have heart disease with blockages, ECP therapy promotes the activation of micro vessels, also known as collaterals. These new vessels bypass blockages, providing blood to your heart. In many cases, this is enough to avoid invasive bypass surgery. In healthy patients, these new blood vessels only enhance your body’ endurance, and its ability to supply your body with what it needs to function.

Why should I choose ECP Therapy for cardiac rehabilitation at Sterling Heart Care?

Our providers have years of experience with ECP therapy, and we’ve helped many in the area with cardiac rehabilitation. We’ve not only improved people’s quality of life but also have helped athletes perform at their optimal levels. Those with heart disease often report significant improvements in their lives and a reduction of painful heart diseases symptoms.

How long do results last from ECP Therapy?

Results from ECP Therapy generally last up to three years, and patients often report continued cardiovascular improvement after their treatments. ECP Therapy restores the ability to exercise or to exercise for longer and only helps lock in these benefits for patients. Many patients can make lifestyle changes they need to maintain their results and improve their overall heart health. Our staff is more than happy to help guide you with those lifestyle changes to ensure you maintain your results.

Does insurance cover ECP Therapy?

Many major insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare cover ECP Therapy for select patients who are battling heart disease. Check with your provider to see what coverage is available to you. Generally, ECP Therapy is not covered by insurance if you are healthy.

Where is Sterling Heart Care located?

Our clinic is located at 4330 Maple Rd. 1st Floor Buffalo, NY 14226. Do you have questions about ECP Therapy for cardiac rehabilitation or would you like to make an appointment to see if this alternative heart treatment is right for you? Call our friendly staff today.

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