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Cardiovascular Disease Treatment in Buffalo, NY

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Cardiovascular Disease Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Have you been living with cardiovascular disease? Have you considered treatments like having stents put in or other surgical procedures? And have you and/or your doctor decided surgery isn’t right for you? There are alternatives out there, and many patients have benefited from them a great deal. One alternative is ECP Therapy, and here at Sterling Heart Care, we provide this treatment for the Buffalo, NY area.

ECP Therapy is an alternative treatment option that can help treat the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, as well as the condition itself. If you have been living with this condition and the reality that surgery is not an option, then consider ECP Therapy for cardiovascular disease treatment in Buffalo, NY.

What is ECP Therapy for cardiovascular disease?

This form of therapy and treatment can help to improve blood flow in patients. Blood flow can be improved both from and to the heart, resulting in an increase in circulation throughout the body. The patient’s heart won’t have to work as hard, and the entire body benefits as a result.

The procedure is noninvasive, unlike surgical options like bypass surgery. Medication is not required either. The procedure is simple: the patient has blood pressure cuffs attached to them and is attached to an EKG monitor. Then, the cuffs inflate and deflate rhythmically with the patient’s heart beat. This process helps the heart pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. It is painless and lasts about an hour.

As a result of the treatment, some of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease are eased, often for up to 3 years before another treatment.

What symptoms of cardiovascular disease does ECP Therapy treat?

The common, uncomfortable symptoms of cardiovascular disease are relieved, sometimes entirely, for up to 3 years. Some of these symptoms include:

● Angina – Pain that radiates from the back, shoulder, chest, neck, and/or jaw areas, usually because the heart is not receiving enough oxygenated blood.
● Dyspnea – Shortness of breath usually because the heart is unable to manage increased exertion.
● Fatigue – A decrease in energy because the heart is unable to function optimally.

Can ECP Therapy actually treat cardiovascular disease?

The treatment can do a lot to ease or even eliminate symptoms, temporarily. These symptoms are often a result of coronary heart blockages. ECP Therapy can help the heart clear these blockages and even bypass them.

During the procedure, many of these blockages will be cleared. As a result, the heart won’t be as restricted, and will be able to pump more blood throughout the body, as well as receive more blood from the body. Another benefit of the procedure is that dormant blood vessels are reactivated. Because these new blood vessels are new routes for blood to circulate through, they can bypass any remaining blockages and assist with blood flow.

The end result is a healthier heart because blood flow to and from it has been increased significantly. The body becomes healthier as a result too. Symptoms should become less severe, which most patients confirm after treatment. For example, fewer patients report having severe, frequent chest pain. Also, some patients can cut back on their medication dosages, but please never do this without the approval of a doctor.

How can I get cardiovascular disease treatment in Buffalo, NY?

If you would like to get back too many of the activities you used to enjoy before being diagnosed, then consider ECP Therapy. You can come to Sterling Heart Care for a consultation, and we’ll help you decide whether ECP Therapy is a good decision for you. We are available Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm, and you can call us at (716) 221-6097 for that consultation. We look forward to helping you get back to a more active life!