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ECP for Heart Disease in Buffalo, NY

If You Suffer from Heart Disease and You are Looking for Ways to Increase Circulation and Reduce Blockage ECP Therapy May Benefit You. Call Sterling Heart Care at (716) 221-6097 or Visit Our Clinic At 4330 Maple Rd. 1st Floor Buffalo, NY 14226 For More Information and To Find Out if ECP For Heart Disease in Buffalo, NY is Right For You.

ECP For Heart Disease in Buffalo, NY

Are you living with heart disease in the Buffalo and Rochester, NY area? According to recent studies, there are millions of people living in the United States with a variety of different heart diseases. Many people opt for bypass surgery or to have stents placed in blockages, not realizing there is an alternative heart therapy available. At Sterling Heart Care, we offer ECP For Heart Disease in Buffalo, NY as an alternative heart treatment to invasive procedures that often do not provide a lasting improvement in patient’s quality of life or improvement of their symptoms. Visit our clinic today to see if this heart treatment method is right for you.

What are some symptoms of heart disease ECP Therapy can treat?

ECP Therapy can help treat:

Angina – Pain that radiates from your back, shoulder, chest, neck and jaw area. Generally, it is caused by your heart not receiving its needed supply of oxygen-rich blood.
Dyspnea – Shortness of breath brought on by your heart’s inability to keep up with the increased workload.
Fatigue – Lack of energy because your heart is not functioning at its optimal ability.

Before and After ECP Therapy - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY
Before and After ECP Therapy - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY

How does ECP Therapy help heart disease?

ECP Therapy encourages your body to heal itself using its own natural mechanisms. A treatment session works in rhythm with your heart. This in turns enhances your body’s ability to provide circulation and oxygen to other areas of your heart that have blockages by activating a backup network of blood vessels.

Without ECP Therapy, the blockages in the heart need to be cleared through stents or bypass surgery. Both methods are highly invasive and not every patient is a good candidate for the procedures. ECP Therapy may be a great alternative heart therapy to treat blocked coronary arteries restricting blood flood.

ECP Therapy activates new blood vessels, often called collaterals or micro vessels, that assist with the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. This improved circulation bypasses existing blockages and resupplies the heart with the blood it needs to function correctly.

Why should I choose ECP Therapy for my heart disease at Sterling Heart Care?

Successful treatment means you can return to living your life with less restrictions. Your quality of life and day to day activities can be significantly affected by the debilitating symptoms of heart disease. Nearly four in five patients report a significant improvement in their most painful symptoms and their quality of life after a regimen of ECP Therapy.

What are some benefits of ECP Therapy for heart disease?

Many patients who undergo this alternative heart therapy have increased their ability to exercise. ECP Therapy allows them to return to participating in activities they were prevented from doing because of painful heart disease-related symptoms. This heart treatment method has allowed patients to return to activities like gardening, traveling, playing with children, shopping, and even going on long walks to enjoy the weather.

Successful treatment often results in the decreasing of medications needed for their heart, like Ranexa and Nitrates. In some cases, these medications are no longer needed at all! Our staff will work with you and your primary care provider to adjust medication dosages after a treatment regimen if possible. Never change your medication dosages without consulting with a medical professional beforehand.

Patients also report less hospitalizations because of improved heart condition. Chest pains are a common symptom of heart disease and can be easily mistaken with a heart attack, which requires emergency treatment. Reducing these symptoms reduces the fear someone could be having a heart attack.

How long do results last from ECP Therapy?

Research has shown that results from ECP Therapy can last up to three years and patients see continued improvement after their treatments. Increased ability to move and exercise allows patients to make the lifestyle change they need to improve their overall heart health. Our highly experienced staff can educate you on healthy lifestyle choices to make throughout your therapy so you can continue to maintain the results of your ECP Therapy.

Does insurance cover ECP Therapy?

Many major insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare cover ECP Therapy for select patients who are battling heart disease. Check with your provider to see what coverage is available to you.

Where is Sterling Heart Care located?

Our clinic is located at 4330 Maple Rd. 1st Floor Buffalo, NY 14226. Do you have questions about ECP Therapy or would you like to make an appointment to see if this alternative heart treatment is right for your heart disease. Call our friendly staff today at (716) 221-6097 to find out if ECP For Heart Disease in Buffalo, NY is right for you.

We look forward to meeting you!

Benefits of ECP Therapy - Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY