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ECP Therapy For Athletes

If You Are an Athlete Wanting to Improve Your Heart Health and Blood Circulation So You Can Perform at The Top of Your Game Consider ECP Therapy For Athletes. Our Heart Care Clinic is Located At 4330 Maple Rd. 1st Floor Buffalo, NY 14226 to Serve You. Call Us at (716) 221-6097 to Book Your Consultation Today.

ECP Therapy For Athletes

Are you an active athlete involved with local sports? ECP therapy for athletes can help you maintain your physical fitness and strengthen your cardiovascular system. ECP therapy isn’t just an alternative heart therapy procedure for those with heart disease; there are many everyday benefits available even if you are in good health! Visit Sterling Heart Care today and meet one on one with our providers to see if this treatment is right for you!

How does ECP Therapy help athletes?

Athletes workout and train to push and keep their body at peak performance. However, they can only train so much during the day before they need to rest their muscles. However, while their muscles rest, an ECP Therapy session can give their cardiovascular system a workout, strengthening and improving its efficiency while they lay down. Treatment under the watchful eyes of our experienced providers can provide several times the amount of benefit to the heart than another normal physical exercise.

What does ECP Therapy do to the body?

This heart treatment method increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. It, in turn, removes lactic acid and releases nitric oxide. As a result, an athlete will often perform better and their recovery time after a game is shorter in most cases. Much like regular training athletes go through, an ECP Therapy session allows your cardiovascular system to train for times when your body is greatly exerting itself. ECP therapy also promotes the production of stem cells inside someone’s body. These unique, powerful cells have an anti-aging effect on the body, helping someone maintain their strength and flexibility. ECP therapy has also been shown to improve sleep and mental alertness.

What are some reported benefits athletes have seen if they use ECP Therapy?

One of the significant benefits athletes see is increased mobility and energy. This treatment allows them to have more endurance and enhances their overall flexibility. It relaxes your muscles and lessens instances of muscle stiffness. It also provides a fantastic workout for your cardiovascular system.

Patients also report weight loss and detoxification benefits from a treatment regimen. ECP therapy will improve your metabolism and lymphatic circulation. It boosts the production of antioxidants and flushes out metabolic waste, giving you more energy and allowing you to burn more calories. It also supports your immune system.

After a regimen of ECP Therapy sessions, many athletes report increased stamina and endurance. They can exercise longer, and it doesn’t take as long for them to recover. Muscle soreness decrease as lactic acids flushed out of your system. If your head got knocked around a bit, this treatment also can help with neuroinflammation in the brain.

Finally, this heart treatment method will improve your overall wellness as well as provide some anti-aging benefits. ECP reduces your stress, promote healthy sleep, and decreases your anxiety. Many patients also report improved complexion, decreased inflammation, and helps their blood vessels stay healthy.

Where is Sterling Heart Care Located?

Our clinic is located at 4330 Maple Rd. 1st Floor Buffalo, NY 14226. Do you have questions about ECP Therapy and would like to know how it could help you as an athlete? Call our friendly staff today at (716) 221-6097 to make an appointment to meet with our experienced providers.

We look forward to meeting you!