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FAQ for Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY

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Q: Is ECP Therapy safe?

A: ECP Therapy has been utilized and studied for over 50 years. There are over 200 peer reviewed, scientific studies on ECP. During that time hundreds of thousands of ECP treatments have occurred and there has never been a report of any major adverse event. The only side effects are extremely minor, such as mild skin irritation or bruising.

Q: What results can I expect from ECP Therapy?

A: While results from treatment vary based on each individual, there are many benefits that are commonly reported. These common benefits include increased energy, better sleep, reduction in heart disease symptoms, improvement in circulation (especially in the legs), reduction in certain heart disease medications, improvements in recovery time, and improvements in mobility.

Q: Is ECP Therapy approved by regulatory agencies?

A: ECP is approved by both the FDA and by Medicare. As a result, ECP is covered by almost every major commercial insurance provider in the United States. ECP is also included in the American College of Cardiology guidelines for the treatment of coronary artery disease. In other countries, such as India and China, ECP Therapy is so trusted that it is offered as a direct alternative to bypass surgery and stenting.

Q: How long does ECP Therapy take?

A: Each ECP treatment session typically last one hour. A complete prescribed course of ECP Therapy consists of 35 treatment sessions or 35 total hours. Individuals that are specifically referred to or prescribed ECP Therapy complete their sessions 3-5 times per week over the course of 7-10 weeks.

Q: What if I miss a treatment?

A: While we encourage patients not to miss a treatment to help ensure good results, one or two missed treatments will not negatively impact the outcome of the course of therapy. If you do have to miss a treatment, we will simply schedule the missed treatment on the back end of your course of therapy.

Q: Does insurance pay for ECP Therapy?

A: Yes. Medicare, Medicaid, and all private carriers support the use of ECP Therapy for qualified individuals.