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Heart Healthy Nutrition Program in Buffalo, NY

Looking for a health program that focuses on heart wellness and nutrition? If so, look no further than Sterling Heart Care. We specialize in heart health and nutritional program. Call us for more information.

The second pillar of our program is nutrition that nourishes and revitalizes your heart. In the same way exercise is needed to keep your heart strong and fit, proper nutrition is necessary to fuel your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system. Again, there is a vast amount of information available that is near impossible to navigate without a helping hand. Our Registered Dietitians will be working with you throughout the entire program through nutrition workshops, cooking classes, and 1 on 1 session to design a heart-healthy nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

Heart Healthy Nutrition in Buffalo, NY

Throughout our program patients learn the basics through 12 video sessions viewed in a comfortable setting, actively participate in 4 nutrition workshops, and attend 11 live cooking schools. By participating in this nutrition education, patients will learn.

  • How to read nutrition labels and identify heart healthy foods
  • How to order heart healthy meals when dining out
  • Where to find heart healthy items at local grocery stores and restaurants
  • How to cook delicious and affordable heart healthy meals at home
  • How to lose weight using science-based skills and strategies