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Why Work With Us At Sterling Heart Care In Buffalo, NY

After ECP Therapy, You Can Get Back to Living Life on Your Own Terms

Why Work With Us At Sterling Heart Care In Buffalo, NY

Heart disease and its debilitating symptoms can wreak havoc on your day to day ability to live the life you want to live. Over 80% of patients who participate in a course of ECP Therapy see a significant reduction in their painful symptoms and a vast improvement in their quality of life.

Increased Ability to Exercise

Individual’s who undergo a course of ECP Therapy see a significant improvement in their ability to exercise. This improvement allows them to get back to all of the activities they weren’t able to do because of their symptoms. Activities like shopping, gardening, playing with children, traveling, or even something as simple as going for a long walk on a beautiful day are no longer a thing of the past!

Decreased Medication

After ECP Therapy, many patients are able to decrease their dosages or even stop certain medications, like Nitrates and Ranexa, all together. The staff at Sterling Heart Care will assist you in talking to your Referring Provider about adjusting your medication dosages after ECP Therapy. Always consult with a medical professional before adjusting medication dosages.

Reductions in Hospitalizations

ECP Therapy has been shown to reduce patients’ Emergency Room visits and Hospitalizations. Chest pain symptoms are a scary thing. It’s very easy to mistake stable angina (a non emergency situation) with a heart attack (100% emergency situation). By reducing these symptoms, patients are able to stop constantly living under the fear that they may be having a heart attack.

Results That Last

Clinical Research shows that the vast majority of patients maintain their results from ECP Therapy up to 3 years after treatment. Even better, many patients actually see continued improvement, even after ECP Therapy. This happens because our patients are finally physically able to implement lifestyle changes like an exercise program and a healthy nutrition plan. Our staff will provide you with information on healthy lifestyle choices throughout your course of therapy so that you can continue your journey back to health after you’ve completed your ECP Therapy.

Covered by Health Insurance

Medicare, Medicaid, and all commercial health insurance carriers provide coverage of ECP Therapy for select individuals who are battling the debilitating symptoms of heart disease. To find out if you qualify for health insurance coverage of your ECP Therapy, CLICK HERE!

Pain Free, Non-invasive, Immaculate Safety Record

ECP Therapy is a completely non-invasive treatment. There are no needles, syringes, scalpels, incisions, or catheters involved in ECP Therapy. There has never been a reported major adverse event related to ECP Therapy. Thousands of patients undergo ECP Therapy every year, with no negative side effects. ECP Therapy at our office takes place in a relaxing, spa like atmosphere. Our patients sit back and relax during their treatment sessions by watching TV, listening to music, or even just taking a long snooze while the device rocks them to sleep with its inflation and deflation!

The SHC Process

At Sterling Heart Care, we believe that healthcare should be convenient and hassle free. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will work tirelessly to ensure that your course of ECP Therapy is the best healthcare experience you ever have.

Consult With Expert Physicians

Our Medical Director, Dr. Leon Levinsky, is an expert Cardiac Surgeon with decades of experience in Cardiology. Your first visit to our office includes a free 1 Hour consultation with one of the industry’s best!

Humble Staff

Our staff has decades of experience working in Cardiology. They have received top of the line training in the administration of ECP Therapy and will guide you through your treatment process every step of the way with a caring hand.

No More Billing Headaches

The staff at Sterling Heart Care will take care of any and all insurance billing issues. We make sure that you get the coverage you signed up for with your health insurance provider and we make out of pocket payments simple with our patient portal and payment plans.