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Our Mission

Our Mission at Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY

To learn more about how we can help treat and prevent heart disease using our advanced techniques, contact us.

Our Mission at Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY
Our Mission at Sterling Heart Care in Buffalo, NY

Sterling Heart Care: A Helping Hand to Health

Heart disease is often misrepresented. Terms like heart blockage and heart failure describe singular, acute problems when in reality they are evidence of a much larger systemic breakdown of a patient’s cardiovascular health. At Sterling Heart Care, we treat the whole picture of cardiovascular disease. Like others cardiovascular specialists, we subscribe to traditional methods of treating heart disease, but what makes us different is our personalized and comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and prevention.

The main risk factors that lead to heart disease are related to lifestyle. Lack of exercise, poor diet, high stress, and suboptimal sleep are all the culprits of developing heart disease. The good news is these risk factors are all modifiable.

Sterling Heart Care’s mission is to be a partner to each and every patient who walks through our doors in their health journey. Whether you’re looking to prevent heart disease from ever occurring or have battled heart disease for a long time, we can help you accomplish your health goals and will be with you every step of the way.